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When there are plenty of offers at a metal market, what becomes more and more valuable?

Of course, those are simple, but so necessary things for conduct of your business, like high quality of the materials offered to you, sense of responsibility and honesty to you, our partners, high communicational culture, punctuality and accuracy in work! Exactly these most important qualities are exemplified by “ASKOplast” company.

ASKOplast” Ltd. has been successfully working at the metal market since 2005, it has been dealing with sales of heat-proof, heat-resistant, precision, non-ferrous alloys and stainless steel of Russian and foreign origin.

The main line of activity is selling precision alloys with high electrical resistance – NiChrome: strips, wires, round bars, sheets, bars (Ni80Cr20, Ni60Cr15, Ni70Cr30, Ni30Cr20); FeCrAl (Al5Cr15, Al5Cr23Ti, Al5Cr27Ti).

We offer to supply the following choice of materials:

  •  NiChrome Ni80Cr20 strip of size 1-4х10-40mm;

  •  NiChrome Ni80Cr20 wire of size 0,1-10mm;

  •  NiChrome Ni30Cr20 wire of size 0,1-10mm;

  •  FeCrAl Al5Cr23Ti wire of size 0,1-10mm;

  •   FeCrAl Al5Cr23Ti strip of size 0,1-4х1-80mm;

  •  Heat-proof, heat-resistant, precision, non-ferrous steels and alloys;

  • Stainless steels;

  •  Welding materials.

We sincerely wish you success and express confidence in promising outlook of our cooperation.